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Sai Result - "Naruto Truth or Dare Quiz"

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You sighed, sitting up and glancing at Shikamaru and Chouji. "Get up ____," Shikamaru said in his slow, uneventful voice.

Again, you looked up at him, already bored. You had specifically told Sakura and Ino that you were not going to any of their parties if you'd been on a mission the day before. You considered Shikamaru for a moment before laying back down and reading your book. You werent in the mood to argue right now.

"Please leave, Shikamaru," you drawled out, shooing him with one hand.

"Please, ____?" Chouji asked, biting one of his nails.

"If we have to go, so do you," the other boy retorted. You rose an eyebrow, smirking. Ino had invited you to the 'small get-together of girls - unless, you know, a girl invites a guy or two...' Boy's were not really invited specifically by Ino or Sakura.

"You dont have to go, Shikamaru," you propped yourself up on your elbows to stare at them. You watched as a blush rose on the tubby ninja's face.

"Chouji wants to go."

"You wanna get Ino, eh Chouji?" You asked, now rolling off the bed. He blushed more as you stood, in your silk lingerie.

You merely walked to your closet, grabbed a nice dress, slipped it on - not in front of your friends, but while in the bathroom. When you exited, you noticed Chouji biting his nails.

"Come on," you said, pulling them from your house. When you three settled into a brisk walk, Shikamaru rose an eyebrow at you.

"Why do you wear that stuff?" He questioned, smirking.

"Surprised?" You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye before smirking yourself. "I get some action while out on missions."

"what about that mission you had with Sai yesterday?"

"Dont be dumb, Shikamaru, I wouldnt lay him if he was the last thing," you were interupted by Chouji coughing loudly. You glanced up from the ground and noticed the emotionless boy, standing a few yards in front of you. "Sai.." you greeted, passing by him. Shikamaru smirked at you and you rolled your eyes.

"Hello, ____-Chan. You look beautiful tonight." Unlike any other girl, you didnt blush.

"You said that every morning on our mission, Sai. You can stop saying that."

"I was lying before," You watched as a genuine - or at least seemingly genuine - smile appeared on his face, even if it was mocking.

"Back to our before conversation, Shikamaru," You said, ignorring Sai. "I wouldnt lay him if he was the last man on earth."

"But ____-Chan," Sai inturrupted, falling into step with you. "You bedded that cat like ninja in the Sand, Kankuro."

You glanced at him harshly. "Kankuro's a gentleman," you hissed as Chouji and Shikamaru snickered on the other side of you. "And I wasnt talking about him."

"Were you talking about Rock Lee then?" He asked, you could see the jest in his eyes. He was playing with you. Taunting you in front of your friends.

He knew he was the only one who could make you scream. After being stuck in many missions with him, it was quite obvious to everyone. Especailly someone as observant as him.

"You and Lee?" Chouji asked, now laughing out loud. You felt heat rise along your neck, not from embarressment, but from anger.

"Of course not, Chouji, stop it."

"Oh, it cant be Kiba you'll never have sex with, then," sai determined bluntly. "Nor can it be Gaara."

You blanched, lips pursing. You and the red-headed ninja had been very careful with your meetings whenever you had them. You approached Ino's front door, shoving sai against the door.

"Take a wild guess at who I will never ever have sex with," you said, your tone threatening, as Shikamaru rang the bell.

You watched the mockery in his eyes faulter, but his smile stayed stuck on his face. Just before the door opened, he murmered, "Me?"

Ino opened the door and Sai gracefully fell to the floor. You smirked down at him, stepping around the boy. "Good guess," you snapped, leaving him to talk to Kiba, who had called you as soon as you first walked in.

After an hour of grinding with Kiba, you two settled onto the couch, making out. It wasnt as if anyone minded, you were pretty sure Neji and Tenten were doing it in Ino's bedroom. Obvious, from the way she entered, then exited with a horrified look on her face - too mortified to even tell them to leave.

Your make out session, however, was robbed of its fun when Sai sat down on the empty cushin next to your head. Both you and Kiba looked at him, glaring.

"What, Sai? Another question?"

Sai smiled at you, then kiba. "This one is for Kiba."

"Shoot," the boy growled out.

"How often do you lay girls while on a mission?"

You felt him heat up before sitting up and hopping off of you. ", I think that's kind of a personal question. I'll, uh, talk to you later, ____."

You sat up and watched as he moved over to Sakura, whisper-yelling something to her before it was a full argument.

You turned to Sai. "I hope you never get layed."

He smirked this time, something he only ever shows to you after totally embarressing you. "Dont worry, ____-chan. I have that covered."

"What?" you ground out, standing up and glaring down at him. "Have you jumped anyone I know?"

"Maybe," he smirked as naruto pushed you back onto the couch, and scrunched you between him and Sai as Ino called everyone over. You tried ignorring Sai, who was grinning so big you thought his face would stick like that. When Tenten and Neji sat down, Sai spoke, "Wow Tenten, you have such a glow about you."

She blushed and buried her head into Neji's chest, who stayed as stoic as ever.

"Guys, we're playing seven minutes in heaven!" Ino announced. Naruto yelled at her.

"That's a kids game, Ino!" He chided, pumping his fist. "Lets make it an HOUR in heaven."

You listened as some boys whooped and the girls blushed. You rolled your eyes. "No Naruto," you mumbled. Everyone quieted to hear you speak. "lets play truth or dare, adult version," you winked at him and watched the blush rise on his cheek. On the other side of you, Sai shifted, but you were ignorring him.

"Yeah, great idea ____-chan," Sakura piped in, turning to shino. "Shino, truth or dare?"

The game went on, with Sakura and - mainly - naruto thinking up the dirty truths or dares.

"____, truth or dare?" Naruto asked, grinning at you. You pondered it for a moment before shrugging.

"Alright, dare me."

"WOOH!" Naruto yelled, fist pumping. He glared at Shikamaru. "I thought you'd be another killjoy. Anyways..."

He tried thinking of a good dare, but abviously found it difficult. You werent ashamed about how you slept around - God knows he knew that. You smirked at him. "I'm waiting."

"Be patient, ____," Shikamaru said, leaning towards Naruto and whispering. Your eyes narrowed when Shikamaru smirked at you.

Naruto grinned. He turned to the crowd to make a big speech. "We all know how ____ here hates Sai, right?" No one nodded back. He turned to you. "I dare you, ____-chan," he paused dramatically, "to undo Sai's pants with your teeth."

You actually blanched, glaring at the blonde. He had the sense to back away, jumping off the couch.

"Come on, Sai," Naruto coached. "Lay down on the couch!" Other people joined in, telling the boy to strech out, He merely leaned back in his seat and watched in amusement as you glared with disdain at his crotch area. "Go get 'em ____!"

You threw Naruto a fleeting glare before getting on your knees in front of the couch and leaning forward. You got an idea, however, Sai had second thoughts and pulled away from you. "I'm not wearing underwear right now," he said bluntly, giving naruto some kind of look. You rolled your eyes and stood up. Naruto, though, grabbed your hand and Sai's and yanked you into the bathroom.

"It only makes it more interesting. Have fun!" He slammed the door shut and ran off. You glared at Sai before smirking. If he got to make fun of you, you'd make fun of him.

You pushed him so he was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and kneeled in front of him. "Yeah, Sai, I hope you have fun." You inched your way towards the drawstring that held his pants together. You grabbed one end and pulled, being careful to rub Sai in an...interesting way. Above you, you heard him groan, and you smirked as you grabbed his zipper between your teeth. You were about to expose him when he grabbed your chin and pulled your mouth into his. You squeaked, surprised. You wanted to agitate him enough so that he got a hard on, but you werent expecting this.

"Sai...!" you squealed when he pulled away from air. He ignorred your plea and pulled you back for move. He stood up, and you followed, even as he lifted you up so you sat on the counter, fumbling around to push away all the soap products. They crashed into the sink and onto the ground, but you didnt care now, Sai was just too good a kisser. You slowly wrapped your legs around his waist and your hands went to his zipper. He didnt protest at all as you unzipped them. You glanced down, smirking. "You're not going commando."

"Do you want me to?" He asked cockily, but with all seriousness. You giggled and let his pants loosely hand around his waist as you snuck a hand into his boxers.

Your fun was interrupted by Naruto - and Sakura, and Kiba, and Shino, and Tenten, and Ino, and Lee, and Hinata, and Neji, and Shikamaru, and Chouji - all crowded by the door. Naruto grinned at your prediciment.

"Eh, I dont think you used only your teeth to undo his pants, ____!" Naruto said, grinning from ear to ear. You smirked as you zipped and tied Sai's pants, him still staring lifelessly at the others. "You're gonna have to do it again!"

"Gladly," you muttered, forgetting all your modesty and latching your mouth onto Sai's neck. After it got a bit steamy they closed the door and let you alone.


  1. This was good (:
    You're a very talented writer, and i think it was a unique writing style to put the reader in the story! :3

    Keep writing, you're great at it!

  2. it was kinda gross but ok hope you wright more!!!!!!!

  3. How can I read the rest of the results?! O.O I saw the outfits and just I really want to read the rest! :D


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